We provide online group and private lessons for people who want to be a confident Japanese speaker. Lessons are run by a professional coach and tend to have 1 to 3 students. Lessons are well structured and interactive. The more you practise, the more you receive constructive feedback.

Private, Closed Group and Organization

Please contact contact@beans.ml to arrange lessons for private, closed group, lectures for a group of large numbers.

Private Lesson

Need dedicated lessons for your particular goal?
  • A$35.00 for single booking (50min)
  • A$300.00 for 10 sessions

Closed Group

Do you have friends who share the same goal, or your family have plan to travel to Japan? We can arrange custom lessons for your group.
  • A$22.00 for single booking (50min) per person
  • A$200.00 for 10 sessions per person


Looking for online lectures for a large group?
  • A$1,000.00 for single track (10 lessons, 500 minutes total)


Trial is available with free of charge. If you are new to our lessons, we recommend you to contact contact@beans.ml to book your trial for tutorials and introduction.

Speaking Practice

Practice your speech in an open group, receive feedbacks and listen to others' speech. This learn-by-doing lessons give you opportunities to try out your Japanese in a safe place and receive professional feedbacks. We believe the most effective way to improve speaking skill is practice. Moreover, it is crucial to receive constructive feedbacks from professionals while you practise. The group lessons also enable you to learn from others and to train your listening skill.

Speech Practice

Practice Sessions

  • A$22.00 for single booking (50min)
  • A$200.00 for 10 sessions
The session can have up to 3-4 speakers and each of you have approximately 7 minute to speak. You can deliver your own speech, practise scripted role play or have a free conversation on your choice.

Interactive Lesson

Standard lecture style lessons but we weigh on your opportunities to speak. If you are very new to Japanese or want to review grammar, this style suits you. The lessons enable you to be confident to speak in our Speaking Practice sessions.

Beginners Series

  • A$200.00 for single track (10 lessons, 500 minutes total)
Weekly 50 minute lesson is structured based on a key sentence and grammatical topics. To keep the lesson interactive, the maximum number of students is set to 4.

Upcoming lessons are
  • Beginners 1 Track B: 30 Apr - 2 Jul 2020 @ 9pm - 9.50pm (GMT+10) every Thursday 
  • Beginners 2 Track B: 2 May - 4 Jul 2020 @ 9am - 9.50am (GMT+10) every Saturday
  • Beginners 1 Track A: 23 Jul - 24 Sep 2020 @ 9pm - 9.50pm (GMT+11) every Thursday 
  • Beginners 2 Track A: 25 Jul - 26 Sep 2020 @ 9am - 9.50am (GMT+11) every Saturday
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