Beans.ml provides a supportive learn-by-doing online environment to help people to be a confident Japanese speaker. We are professional coaches who are trained and skilled to teach Japanese language to people whose primary language is not Japanese.

Qualified Coaches

Our coaches hold one or more of the following qualifications.
  • Hold degrees in language teaching or education
  • Completed Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (420 hours and above)
  • Passed Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test

Online Classroom

Our interactive face-to-face lessons are provided on a virtual classroom platform. We currently use newrow_ smart for the lessons we offer. The virtual classroom works in a browser. No downloads are required and there is no Flash at all.
To make sure you are able to have the best experience in the lessons, please use Quick Tech Check to check if your computer is compatible with the system.

BE A Natural Speaker of Multiple Language :)

* If you are the qualified Japanese teacher and are interested in working with us, please drop an email to contact@beans.ml for details.

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